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Voices Of Defiance

Voices Of Defiance is a fan podcast about SyFy's Defiance television show and the Trion video game. The hosts of Voices Of Defiance, Sean, Shannon and Stargate Pioneer (known affectionately at StarPi or SP) are fans of SciFi in general but saw modern day genius Defiance. They just want to spread the word about the show and have a fun time talking about it. Even though Defiance is over every once in a while we will return to give great updates about Defiance, the Voices Of Defiance community, or just because we miss it. Our entire back catalog is available for you to listen to and feel free to let us know how you like the show to anytime.

Jul 28, 2014

The Voices Of Defiance regular hosts are joined by fan Sophia (@IrisaWifi) as they discuss the San Diego Comic Con Defiance panel and SPOILERS along with this week's Defiance episode This Woman's Work.

Join us next week as we discuss the Defiance second season’s seventh episode: If You Could See Her Through My...

Jul 23, 2014

Clones! Clones! Clones! And Shannon, Sean and Stargate Pioneer discuss this week's Defiance episode Put The Damage On  - the darkest Defiance episode yet.

Join us next week as we discuss the Defiance second season’s sixth episode: This Woman's Work. Contact us: @VoicesODefiance -...

Jul 15, 2014

Shannon, Sean and Stargate Pioneer have fun this week discussing Beasts Of Burden - our decidedly best Defiance episode yet! - in a slightly NeedWant-ish state of mind.

Join us next week as we discuss the Defiance second season’s fifth episode: Put the Damage On. Contact us: @VoicesODefiance -...

Jul 8, 2014

Whoa! This second season of Defiance does not disappoint and the hosts of Voices Of Defiance all agree on two things: That this episode The Cord And The Ax is the best Defaince episode so far and that they really have no idea what they just saw. But Sean has a great theory that Shannon and Stargate Pioneer can't refute...