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Voices Of Defiance

Voices Of Defiance is a fan podcast about SyFy's Defiance television show and the Trion video game. The hosts of Voices Of Defiance, Sean, Shannon and Stargate Pioneer (known affectionately at StarPi or SP) are fans of SciFi in general but saw modern day genius Defiance. They just want to spread the word about the show and have a fun time talking about it. Even though Defiance is over every once in a while we will return to give great updates about Defiance, the Voices Of Defiance community, or just because we miss it. Our entire back catalog is available for you to listen to and feel free to let us know how you like the show to anytime.

Jun 4, 2014

Defiance is rocked by the most meaningful events since the Votan fleet exploded in orbit this week in the Voices Of Defiance rewatch of the season one finale episode, Everything Is Broken. Doc Yewll and Colonel Marsh reveal the true secret of Defiance that thousands of years ago a Votan ship crashed into Earth and was buried deep beneath the surface around Old St. Louis and contain a “weapon” that has the potential to radically change New Erf again and that Little Wolf holds the keys to it’s ignition. Hang tight as Shannon, Sean and Stargate Pioneer wade through what it all means and look forward to Defiance’s second season.

Voices Of Defiance announces this week that the podcast is now part of the GonnaGeek network at Please go to to see all the greet geeky, scifi, comic and techie podcasts on the network. Voices of Defiance is proud to be Gonna Geek’s newest member and look forward to being part of such a fun network.

Also in this podcast: Shannon and Sean talk possible cosplay for Shannon; Sean describes how Shannon’s GonnaGeek preroll will be recorded; all three hosts lament the fact that Jaime Murray is now officially off the market; Shannon and Stargate Pioneer take their discussion off twitter and finally square off voice to voice about the proposed future of the Stargate franchise reboot movie; Stargate Pioneer asks Jaime Murray to call in the Voices Of Defiance voicemail 612-888-2751 to say hello to Shannon; what exactly happened to Irisia during the final 10 minutes of the episode; Stargate Pioneer gives his theory that Sukar’s nanites were reactivated and that he is back repaired and alive; Sean and Stargate Pioneer mention how much like the Kaziri is like the SDF-1 in Robotech or David Weber’s Bolo series; Just where is Olfin Tennety and what does she know about Defiance?; What a natural crisis leader Nolan is; What a mistake Kenya made going to Edmund Field alone; How Doc Yewll is like Firefly’s Shepherd Book; Sean dazzles us with his use of the term Trophic Cascade; Shannon regales us with her description of the X-Files Jiffy Pop cornfield tents and equates them to the E-Rep’s operation tents; Stahma shows us her pink neck; The trio marvel at Irisa’s dive into the Kaziri’s “weapon” core; Who has control of the McCawley house in season 2?; And #RafeStahmaBaby.

Stay tuned for the June 19th, 2014 Defiance season two premiere on SyFy! Contact us: @VoicesODefiance - - - -  612-888-ark1 or 612-888-2751.

Voices Of Defiance is proud to be a member of the GonnaGeek network found at