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Voices Of Defiance

Voices Of Defiance is a fan podcast about SyFy's Defiance television show and the Trion video game. The hosts of Voices Of Defiance, Sean, Shannon and Stargate Pioneer (known affectionately at StarPi or SP) are fans of SciFi in general but saw modern day genius Defiance. They just want to spread the word about the show and have a fun time talking about it. Even though Defiance is over every once in a while we will return to give great updates about Defiance, the Voices Of Defiance community, or just because we miss it. Our entire back catalog is available for you to listen to and feel free to let us know how you like the show to anytime.

May 29, 2014

Things are getting sporty in Defiance as the Voices Of Defiance hosts rewatch the series penultimate season 1 episode Past Is Prologue. Stahma plot’s Datak’s mayoral campaign, the Earth Republic wants in to the gulamite mines, Yewll plays with her Kolovan toys and Irisa gets to experience the full force of her silver knot.

Also in this podcast: postulation on Irisa’s physical knives versus Datak’s energy blade; the little seen but not explained laser sight on Datak after his fight with Nolan - just who was behind it?;  why was Nolan’s military record sealed?; the Liberata must certainly be flying high on 78% Nitogren; Rafe shows off his style and marital advice to Alak; just how much of a player is Alak capable of being?; another shoutout (again) to Bear McCreary; and was Wash from Firefly really the pilot of the last Arkfall?

The hosts give big shoutouts to all of their Twitter love over the past week including:











See you next week as the hosts discuss the next Defiance episode (and season 1 finale), Everything is Broken. Contact us: @VoicesODefiance - - - -  612-888-ark1 or 612-888-2751.